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Nyree Richardson
For appointments please call Nyree direct  on:  07786 138 280 E-mail: nyreerichardson@hotmail.co.uk


Initial Consultation

The Initial Consultation involves a fairly in-depth look at your medical history and relevant lifestyle factors, to enable the therapist to attune the treatment to meet your specific requirements. The session will also highlights any contra-indications you may have towards treatments or oils used. The Initial consultation is free.

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Sports Massage

The prime purpose of sports massage therapy is to help alleviate the stress and tension which builds up in the body’s soft tissues during physical activity. Based on the various elements of Swedish massage, sports massage is more intense and incorporates a combination of techniques including stretching, compression, friction, toning, and trigger point response techniques similar to acupressure and shiatsu. Sports massage is used to treat specific areas of the musculoskeletal system that are under constant stress whether this be through exercise, occupational, or postural use. This treatment is not just for athletes, it can restore mobility and revitalise the muscles and ligaments of every one of us. Sports massage can be used pre-event to enhance your warm up, post-event as part of your cool down and also during rehabilitation to help break down scar tissue or stretch and lengthen muscles. Most importantly though, a regular maintenance massage will help prevent injuries that cause discomfort and often impede performance.

40-minute treatment: £32 60-minute treatment: £45 90-minute treatment: £63

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Holistic Massage

This is a rebalancing and de-stressing deep tissue massage. Working on a neuromuscular level, it eases tension and adhesions in muscles, clears nerve pathways, improves joint mobility and aids the elimination of toxins and lactic acid. Holistic massage is effective against most muscular problems caused through stress, poor posture, over-exertion or sports injury.

Holistic massage back, neck & shoulder (40 minute treatment): £32 Holistic massage full body (60 minute treatment): £45 Holistic massage full body (90 minute treatment): £63

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Essential oils are distilled from flowers, leaves, stems, roots or the fruits of plants or trees. They are massaged lightly and slowly into the skin to allay issues such as anxiety, depression, muscular tension, infections, skin disorders, immune deficiencies and symptoms of stress, to name but a few. Aromatherapy helps improve the quality of life on a physiological and psychological level.

Aromatherapy back, neck & shoulder (30 minute treatment): £25 Aromatherapy full body (60 minute treatment): £45

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Aromatherapy in Bristol

Indian Head Massage

A head, face, neck and shoulder massage that releases tension in these specific areas. The treatment is usually carried out using oils, a towel having been wrapped around your body at chest height. However, it can also be performed without oil, keeping your upper body fully clothed. Indian head massage is received in a seated position which is especially beneficial for those who find lying on a couch uncomfortable. Ideal for those working at VDU terminals and in sedentary jobs where RSI and upper back pain can cause great discomfort and stress. Indian head massage can help alleviate eye and ear problems as well as headaches, migraine, sinusitis, tinnitus, jaw ache and insomnia. By stimulating blood flow to the scalp, indian head massage promotes hair growth and improves hair and scalp conditions.

Indian head massage (30 minute treatment): £25

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Stone Therapy Massage

Hot basalt stones and cold marble stones are used in this treatment, to release muscle cramps and increase circulation. The heat literally melts the tension away and allows the therapist to work more intensely in a shorter space of time than by using hands alone. This is an incredibly comforting and relaxing treatment that is especially suited to people who suffer with cold extremities.

Stone therapy back, neck & shoulder (30 minute treatment): £25 Stone therapy full body (60 minute treatment): £45

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Thai Foot Massage

Massage of the lower legs and feet that also involves acupressure, foot wrapping and stretches to unblock Sen (energy) lines. A traditional stick is used to stimulate the reflex points on the feet which correspond to the internal organs of the body. Thai foot massage improves circulation and lymphatic drainage, strengthens the immune system, combats insomnia, accelerates physical healing, promotes clarity of mind and assists relaxation. Due to it’s revitalising nature, Thai foot massage is favourable for those suffering from tired and aching feet.

Thai foot massage (45 minute treatment): £32

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There are reflex points in the feet associated with every organ, gland and aspect of the body. By working over these points with deep compression and different techniques using the thumb and fingers, the therapist stimulates the nerve and blood supply throughout the body. This increases circulation and encourages the body to heal itself and reach a state of equilibrium. Reflexology is used for the relief of numerous conditions including PMS / hormonal problems, cramps, arthritic pain, nervousness, asthma, indigestion, IBS, insomnia, headaches and depression, amongst others. You will only remove your shoes and socks for this treatment.

Reflexology (45 minute treatment): £32

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Nyree Richardson
For appointments please call: 07786 138 280 E-mail: nyreerichardson@hotmail.co.uk
About Nyree
After a decade of managing pubs and working in entertainment I finally found my vocation in life after experiencing a course of physiotherapy and massage whilst living in Tenerife.
In 2004 I returned to the UK and trained full time at City of Bristol College gaining ITEC diplomas in Holistic (Deep Tissue) Massage, Aromatherapy and Reflexology. At this time I also completed a first and second degree Reiki course with Louise Chalice. Since then I have gone on to complete ITEC qualifications in Sports Massage, Stone Therapy and Indian Head Massage at Devon Academy of Complementary Therapies. I also travelled to Thailand to train in Thai Massage at the Wat Po Traditional Medical School.
I am constantly honing my skills through research and by attending various advanced massage technique courses, this ensures that my knowledge is kept up to date and that I meet the CPD (Continued Professional Development) requirements set by the FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapists) of which I am a member. I have just completed an 8 day course (2018) in Hands Free Massage at Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork. When it comes to the human body, you can never stop learning!
In 2011 I joined the Birdwell Clinic team full time to work alongside our excellent physiotherapists, osteopath and councellors.
Although the majority of my work in the Birdwell Clinic is deep tissue/sports based, the wide repertoire of treatments I offer means I can integrate other practices to tailor a session completely unique to your needs.

Hours of availability:

Monday : 1pm – 8pm Tuesday : 1pm – 8pm Wednesday : 10am – 6pm Thursday : 1pm – 8pm Friday : 10am – 4pm