Pain- Is this where your problem is?

‘Overuse’ injuries are where there is no specific injury, just a gradual onset of pain. However, your pain may not be where your problem is. For example, knee pain may be a hip problem, groin pain may be a back problem and elbow pain may be a shoulder or neck problem.

The pain slowly gets worse over weeks or months or keeps recurring over time. Treatment to the area of pain only, just provides temporary relief.

What is the Answer?  

A comprehensive physiotherapy evaluation to determine the root cause of the problem is required. Then either specific advice, exercise programme or a course of physiotherapy treatment is required. The length of time it takes to help these problems is related to the length of time you have had the symptoms . The quicker you get help the simpler they are to treat.

Typical problems we see in the clinic are :

Back pain as a result of an arthritic hip

Thigh pain which is referred from the back

Achilles tendon pain can be referred from the spine

Arm pain referred from the neck