Doris Jupp Counsellor Bristol

I am a qualified Integrative Counsellor, with the knowledge of a wide range of theories and techniques that I then tailor to the individual needs of those I support.  I have previously worked with Womankind, Nilaari, BristolMind and also with Carers Trust.

For any of us to open up and talk about our difficulties, requires trust and a feeling of being at ease with the person we are with.  I would seek to offer you this.   I do not give advice or solutions but will offer a warm, honest, and non-judgmental place for clients to discuss their concerns, helping them overcome any emotional issues they may face. My main goal remains the same – to alleviate distress and to improve the mental wellbeing of all clients.  Given the right support, I believe anyone can make the changes they need in order to work through their difficulties, enhance their life and discover their fullest potential.

There is no greater satisfaction personally, than seeing clients grow in self-confidence, feel empowered and overcome obstacles, achieving their objectives and goals in life.

All new clients are seen for an initial half hour free consultation, with no obligation to proceed further. This allows a client to experience being with me and allows me to gain a clearer picture of a clients needs and history, in order to clarify that I can be of help.

Contact options

Mobile:  07769254400